On the contrary, it was found that existing lupus vulgaris long - a disease of the skin caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, can be the basis of the appearance of skin cancer. There is also the possibility of developing lung cancer for a long time in the country of existing scars in old tuberculous lesions. The parasites enter the body, or inhalation of contaminated air, or if taken with the bitter saliva in the mouth after a bad habit buy albuterol iymed inhaler to get into the yolk of thought finger in his mouth. Where pests are introduced into the lungs, intestines, liver, cecum, human bladder, causing short-term real precancerous changes or carcinogenic penetration promoting occult cancer. For this reason, the parasites themselves can not be considered carcinogenic.While this Pelmor study also established an important fact. Not physically active four times often complained about the state of health to be active. In addition, life expectancy between physical activity was higher.

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